Monday, March 18, 2013

Omg - Benefit cosmetics !!!

Every beauty guru on youtube raves about Benefit cosmetics. Some of the youtubers opinions are valuable for me, so not long time ago i decided to get some of the best sellers.
Products from this brand are not cheep .So the best way to try out stuff is to buy little kits were you can get sample sizes beauty stuff.
I ordered Primpimg with the stars kit.

Here are what the kit includes:

Stay Don’t Stray:  Eye and concealer primer. you would use this to keep eyeshadows and under-eye concealer in place and keep it from moving around.
The Porefessional: Primer and pore-minimizer. I use this every day!
Some Kind-A-Gorgeous Foundation in Medium: The one bummer of kits like this is the foundation included is ALWAYS medium. womp womp. Useless for me!
Benetint Rose: Cheek and Lip Stain. Looks darker in the bottle than it is! Think of tints like this as cellophane for your face :)
Girl Meets Pearl: Liquid Highlighter. Can be used on top or underneath foundation depending on how noticeable you want it. Also awesome to mix with tinted moisturizer!
They’re Real! Mascara: Benefit’s popular mascara with a unique wand that sort of hybrids the traditional mascara wand with those sphere like ones that help to get small lashes under eyes and in the inner corners. 

Another nice thing is the instructions on how to use each product to get the best results. This instructions cover the mirror but you can tear off this papers.
For me Pore fessional and The real mascara are the most amazing products !!!
Another tiny little kit from Benefit cosmetics is Coral my World.This set contains blush Coralista and highlighter - Sun beam.

I realized that Coralista is the most beautiful blush in the whole world :)
Can not wait to try out another products from this brand.

Kat Von D Star kissed lipstick set review

Kat Von D - Star Kissed Lipstick Set contains sixth 0.0042 oz lipsticks in:

  • Lolita (dusty rose)Underage Red (bright crimson)
  • Foiled Love lipstick in:
  • Beranice (metallic poppy red)
  • Forever & Ever (metallic golden peach)
  • Valentine (metallic hot pink)

This set gives you a good way to try out a variety oh Kat Von D lipstick formulas and colors. From 6 lipstick I love three because for me it is more wearable when the lipstick is not shimmery. 

I really loved the formula of lipsticks. They are very moisturizing and silky. Colors are very bold but they does not stay long on the lips.

From this picture first three (from the left) are mat ones and the last three - with shimmer.

More Tarte Cosmetics ...

Tarte Cosmetcs simply become one of my favorite cosmetic brands. 
I ordered online two kits and finally these babies are mine :)

First of all this cute make up bag is stunning :) Feels like a spring spirit :)

I have used this make up bag since i got it and have to say it is a little bit small but you can still carry your beauty essentials.

In my country it is still cold. So I prefer a medium to full coverage foundation to hide any imperfection in my skin. I got a medium color and it is little dark for my skin but covers pretty much.
The pure maracuja oil rollerball is perfect for skin rejuvenation on the go. I have a dry skin especially in the winter so it helped and hydrated my skin. Now it looks more brighter and smoother. I often use this product under my eyes to prevent dark circles.
Amazonian clay mascara is one of my favorite mascaras of all the time. It does not leave my lashes clumpy and it is pretty good lengthening one.
So far, i am lovin this products.

Another pretty set is - Baby it's bold outside from Tarte high-performance naturals.

The name is the cutest thing i have ever heard :)

Behind this fancy packaging you can get 5 full size maracuja divine shine lip glosses in:
bubbly; curious; preppy; chic and sparks.
I can say that this lip glosses are little bit sticky but i can carry this formula. They are not too pigmented and it is good for every day use. So far so good :)
I was reading some post on tartecosmetics's blog and i saw this picture and suddenly become envious because i want this products so badly :)

You can order this stuff from:

What do you guys think ???